CFA Level 1 December - only using CFA books?

So I’ve got about 15 weeks until Level 1 exam in December 2015.

I don’t have the financial resources to purchase 3rd party material such as Schweser notes.

Is it realistic to go through the CFA books in 12 weeks (leaving 3 weeks for review/mock exams)???

I am not working at the moment so I can afford to put in 6 hours per day (I can do 8 hours a day but I want to minimize risk of burnout).

6 hours a day for 12 weeks straight puts me at 504 hours (Keep in mind I have no background in Finance/Accounting at all).

Is it possible to cover the CFA books in 500 hours?

It is certainly possible. If you’re not working, I think you should go for it.

Thanks for the feedback guys

If you use CFAI materials for Level I, you put yourself in disadvantage versus those who use less ugly third-party notes

Disagree with Velazquez. CFAI materials have everything you need.

Agree with Wekko. TimePrep was a pretty good tool for me for Level I.

Also, spend a few more hours looking for a job.

6 hours a day with no job is completely doable from what I hear.

As people have mentioned, studying is primarily and individual thing but 500 hours on average is excessive given the recommended minimum is 250-300 hours (Note: excessive does not mean unnecessary as no amount of studying seems to be too much).

I hear the 3-day Kaplan review courses are good so think about signing up for one of those and devote a good month to just practice questions and review and you should be set.