CFA Level 1 doubts

Hi guys. Frist post here! I’m thinking abou takingthe level 1 exam on december. However, I have not started studying yet. Do I still have time or it is already too late? Once you register, Will the CFA Institute send you the books or you have to get them on your own? If the books are sent to the candidate, is the material enought to pass? Thanks.

You still have time to study and pass.

The CFAI will send books to you.

The CFAI curriculum is all you need to pass.

Given your time constraint, CFAI curriculum, while more than enough, will be cumbersome and lengthy. Trying to read all those books is a pain and a waste of time. Go get Schweser notes. Going thru them in detail will take 3 months itself.

You still have time to prepare and pass.

Good Luck


Why not go for June and be more likely to pass? Actually the biggest challenge of the December exam is the tight timeline for Level 2.

you still have time to prepare, but you have to be sure you want to take the exam now, because you have to give your time fully in order for you to cover the topics and also have sound knowledge of the content being tested.

Do the December exam. If you fail, you’ll pass in June. No time wasted overthinking this

You still have time

They will send you the books, which will take like a few days to arrive in the mail, but you will get immediate access to the e-books online. I started studying for the december exam 2 weeks ago and i am almost done with the first of the 6 books, and doing pretty well on the practice tests too. I also work full-time. So it is possible to balance your time and study for the test on short notice but you have to be really comitted and prepared for the toughest 3 months of your life. As my buddy said when i started, this is what separates the boys from the men! (or girls from the women…)