CFA Level 1 Exam Results

In Philippines, what is the approximated time that we’ll receive the CFA Level 1 Exam results?

According to the official CFA Timeiline it should be January 22 - January 26

Oh okay, thank you very much!

what about the US?

I think that the date is the same all over the world

It’s usually a Tuesday right?

Does anyone remember the date of publishing results in January 2017?

I’m sorry but I’m not updated with the 2017 January results.

So, you are also a candidate? Did you also took the exam last December 2017?

I’ve done some research and as what I’ve gathered the results last January for December 2016 exams was given in 24 January. Also, I’ve heard the CFA Institute will give us a heads-up as to when our results will be given, a week prior at least.

They still haven’t announced the date for the results to be released yet though, right? Because of this, my guess they will take a larger amount of time than last year.

Yes, unfortunately. But I still hope they’ll post it within next week because that is what they’ve incorporated in their timeline.

It’s kind of ridiculous to take that much time or even delay the results when they are only grading lvl 1 exams… I don’t need a couple more days feeling stressed out

I read that all CFA L1 results in Brazil was stolen with a truck. So those guys retake exam somewhere in the middle of January. That may delay the overall grading process.

I’ve read that too. T’was a very bad move to those who stole it. I hope we’ll hear from CFA Institute sooner or later.

Just happened to go out to the CFA Institute website and logged in… it’s showing Dec. 2017 Level I exam results will be emailed and available on January 23, after 9:00 AM E.T.

Great news!


Just got the e-mail from CFA. They announced a new report standard with charts and confidence intervals ))

Okay, now I’m worried about my result. But anyway, gotta move on whatever happens. Good luck everyone!

How are we going to know if we passed or failed if the graphics show a borderline result?