CFA level 1 - Exam topic weights

Is any one aware of the weight they give to each topic for L1 . For example. Ethics and standards may cover 20% of the exam etc. That way I would know what to focus on more and what topics to skim through.


Right on ! :smiley:

least imp sections have 1ss so they won’t require much time anyway

Also , from my understading we are allowed a cheat sheet for formulas and stuff right ? Do they provide us with a formular sheet as well ?

Neither a cheat sheet nor formula sheet are allowed for the exam.

this has to be a troll…so far the questions asked are:

ive now registered for level 1 and have no relevant experience…how do i break in?

is back office the best way to get in?

what are the topic weights of the exam?

is a cheat sheet allowed?

if its not a troll account then ibanker you really need to do some more research outside of just asking questions here…i mean seeking advice is okay but asking the rules and format of the exam should be things that you already know…

Check out this link :

The total weight sums up to 80 totaling up all the study sessions …what about the rest 20. I assume that the total exam weight should be 100…confused… help needed.