CFA level 1 Failed why : Plz share

I am sitting for CFA L1 2012…Just started preparing only able to finish half quant and ethics. Like to learn from your mistakes…Plz share what do think gone wrong…

Thanks a lot for your sharing. And. if you are sitting again…best of luck…may be this thread will help us learning from other people mistake…

Well, I passed this time but when I failed in the past, I simply did too few practice problems… this time I did ALL of Schweser’s mock exams, ALL of Schweser’s practice problems (beside the challenge problems), half of the Qbank problems, the CFAI mock, and maybe half of CFAI’s practice problems.

I passed the first time around and with flying colors not because i did practice problems. But because I kept repeating studying the material over and over and over again. Repetition is key, not practice problem like everyone is saying. Im not saying dont do them, just do them while you are studying the material. That one month dedication for problems is not a very good idea because you may end up forgetting some material that has not been questioned on. Mind you that this strategy only applies to level 1. Level 2 definitly needs more practice problems.

Inefficient use of my study time. Plain and simple. As far as lots of practice problems VS not lots of practice problems, I think that’s a personal preference and we all learn different ways. By this point, you’ve been through enough schooling. presumably, that you should know how you learn best. Just make as efficient use of your time as possible and do not under any circumstances underestimate this exam.

My style has always been to read a topic, stare blankly until the material clicks, then practice problem the heck out of it to cement it into my brain. It’s the problems that help me learn, but it goes much faster if I get the theory in there to begin with.

Understand the concepts and do the problems. There are no shortcuts - that is it plain and simple. Band 10 fail here and I cracked 70% during the last two weeks of studying. Consistently scoring 70+ on practice exams should get you there. QBank is too easy, Schweser is a little different (tough questions but you understand what they are asking), and the CFAI practice exam/EOCs are very good.

I actually make sure I grap the major concepts and do practce questions Repeat the above for atleast two times and every thing went well.

what’s EOCs?

Questions at the end of the chapter.