CFA Level 1 Formula sheet

Hey everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has come across an entire list of CFA Level 1 formulas compiled together?

I had initially planned to write all of them down myself, but due to time constraints, I think it would be better to download a ready-made list.

Does anyone have a list of all the formulas? If you do, please do share or let me know where I can download it from!


I photocopied the lists from the back of schweser.

I started making a list of the formula…but there are LOADS!

Yea, I know about the list at the end of the Schweser books, but they omit quite a few formula…

I’m looking for a comprehensive list that includes all the formulae but I’m unable to find one so far.

Even something with all the key concepts would be great… gotta keep searching i guess :confused:

Elan has one that, if I’m not mistaken, has pretty much every formula in it. I printed it out and I think it was like 70 pages. It has some handy little charts to help explain various things too, ie accruals. Clicka the linka:

Also just now, while searching for that link, I found out investopedia apparantly has a qbank type deal for level 1. Anyone try it out?

For those interested, virtually all the elan formulas (as well as some others) are on NoteSnack. You can pick the formulas and easily create a formula sheet on the site. Check it out:

There you go: http: //

(Do crop the space after the colon.)

If you can master this, you ace the exams!

P. S. This is the 2019 formula sheet.

Bonus: it’s handwritten, having a lasting impact on your memory.

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Thank you so much.

This is wonderful. Thank you so much. What prep provider provides this??!

Thank you so much! What prep provider providede this?!

Thank you !