CFA Level 1 Group ~ Singapore

Hi all, I’ve signed up CFA Singapore weekly course and would like to form a study group to prepare L1 exam. I got schewer study notes, secret source, 6 mock exams, thousand of questions to practice, and etc. If anyone wants to join me or share the cost of materials,you can leave me msg at or add me into ur msn. Thanks!

Here’s the description of my study materials: 1. Schweser Study notes Book 1 ~ 5 2008 edition 2. Schweser Qbank 2008 3. Schweser Practice Exam Vol 1 2008 4. Video Seminar 18 series 5. Schweser Quick Sheet, Formula Sheet and Secret Source 6. mp3 study sessions 7. Core concept video- QM, Econ, FSA, Derivatives 8. Problem Solving video- QM,FSA and Derivatives 9. CFA related ebooks, such as Standards of Practice Handbook 9th edition 10. BAIIPlus Guidebook and BAIIPlusPro Guidebook 11. QM questions from 2003 to 2006 12. Schweser Practice Exam 2006 and 2007 edition If you’re interested, pls fee free to contact me. Thanks.

Hi, I tried to contact you through above email, but no luck. I am interested in forming a study group for L1 dec 08. my email is : cfakiller at gmail dot com thanks, Kumar.

Hi, I’ve added on Stalla’s Lecture Cds, passmaster and Schweser Video Series to share. Please contact me Thanks.