CFA level 1 in June

I am registering for level 1 in June, and it looks like the registration includes study materials. Am I right? I am also going to borrow Schweiser/Stella practice exams from some of my friends. Do you think it will suffice? I am thinking that the CFA institute materials should pretty much cover the syllabus. Please advise.

You will receive 6 curriculums from CFA in 2 weeks. They are more than only cover the syllabus, massive infor in it!

CFAI readings are massive and will take some time to get through. Do you have a background in finance?

Yes you are right. It all depends on how much time you can devote to study the material and your educational/professional background. Working full-time I don’t have the liberty of going over all of the CFAI text, so I study from Schweser notes and if a topic is unclear then I look at the CFAI text for clarification. If you can devote the time required to go over the CFAI text in detail then that should be enough, if not then you might want to consider some of the other material available to save some time and have an additional source of learning.

So are you saying that Schweiser will take less time than CFAI notes? I have a masters degree in finance, but its been a few years since I graduated. And I also do a full-time job. So I am a little time challenged.

Considering your background I am guessing you don’t need to read through all of the CFAI texts (~3000 pages). Schweser is definitely faster (more concise, but not as detailed of an explanation of concepts). Schweser consists of 5 books x 200-300 pages per book.