CFA Level 1 - Is it too late to start studying for December Exam?

If I work full time and have a demanding full time job.

Passed CAIA last year, also a qualified accountant.

I have passed CAIA level 1 last March and have started for December CFA level 1. I think in your case you can still do it. Considering you have passed both level of CAIA, you are too strong in some areas. You will only have little tough time with FRA, Economics and some part of Fixed Income as rest of the topics are covered in CAIA, even if not covered you will find easy when you study them.

Right now, I am having really hard time with FRA and it is just lowering my confidence, but you are accountant so that won’t be a problem for you and you know it’s 20% so if you really put your 100% in remaining days I think its doable. You are CAIA level 2 cleared man you have all in it just go for it

You should be okay, but will have to put in the time. Don’t know how much overlap there is, but CFA L1 has tremendous breadth as I’m you’ve already figured. I think I started studying late July, and passed comfortably.

Absolutely. 3 months is the perfect amount of time for an accountant for level 1.

Of course- you are totally okay. With that background, it should hopefully be a cakewalk for you- But do put in time to go through the syllabus summary and CFAI mocks and questions. Good luck!

If you are willing to study practically all your free time, go ahead!

It is definitely not too late to start studying.

Tomorrow, of course, _ will be _ too late to start studying.

Thanks all,

To be honest I am chickening out, and thinking now its more likely I will go for it in June 2019.

I’ve been looking all week for shortcuts but it would appear there are none at all :open_mouth:

It’s definitely not too late to start.

Tomorrow, however, will be too late to start.


I have exams on 1st Dec and can only start studying in Oct…

Good luck to us!

Are you studying full time tho smashit? I am also working full time, with a pretty demanding job too.

Will consider it for June I think.

You really do have plenty of time for December’s exam. I started in Sept for Level 1 with just a BA Econ and zero experience, was easily able to fit in 300 hours. Start some practice questions and see where you land before you decide to sacrifice 6 months for a test you could’ve passed

It’s the demanding job element - 60/70 hour weeks are not uncommon for me. Plus, I have small kids too.

I really want to focus hard on level 1, because I really want to fully understand the basics before even thinking about level 2 and 3. I’ve heard the horror stories about them plenty of times

You opened a new thread to inquiry whether or not it’s too late to start studying for lvl1. Some people said no, some people hinted that yes. And now, your comments sound like you’re trying to convince the us (the AnalystForum members) of your difficult situation and that you won’t have time to study enough.

Superlamps008, I think the only person to know the answer to your question is…you. (yeah, I know, what a surprise)

You are right, I do know the answer.

June 2019 it is then :slight_smile:

FYI - assuming you are to pass all three levels on your first attempt, ignoring an opportunity to pass L1 in December effectively pushes your charter application back a full year. But, I guess it’s going to be much easier to study as you continue in your career and your kids get older?

Honestly, if you haven’t already started, it’s probably too late, regardless of your background (2.5 months or so + 65 hr weeks + time with kids). But if you want to talk about delaying your charter and having to study more as your kids age, than skipping the December exam is a good way to go.