CFA level 1 June 2012 Washington DC, Northern VA, Maryland

Hey what’s going on…

just wondering if anyone wants to get together to do some reviewing. I have the Kaplan series of books. This will not be a sit-down and then lecture as I think that doesn’t work too well. Here’s what I think.

You come prepared. We will go book by book review once a week or once every two weeks. So you read and know the materials. If you have questions, ask. Bring some study materials on that section and we will go through them. This will not be a lecture where we are going page by page because everyone has a different learning curve and different learning style. If there are any questions that we can’t conclude then I will ask them to my professor. So all in all, we should be done within a few months and we will do a review of the materials and then a mock exam to help us prepare. Thanks. Let me know if you’re interested.

im interested… skype: Gypsy.182

hey, i just stumbled upon this post…i would be interested to catch up once in a while to discuss. i stay in reston, virginia. lets catch up and discus how and when can we schedule to meet.

I’m in arlingotn and am intersted. Let me know if you guys have started. I’m using Kaplan and started a few months back

Hey Ana,

I am interested! we can do skype . Let me know