CFA Level 1 Long Island/NYC


I am taking Level 1 in June 2014 and am looking to form a study group. If you are interested please respond to this post. I live in Suffolk County, but if the majority of people are in NYC I am prepared to make the trip. If this has already been posted here, please reply with the link to that thread.



Hey Chris,

Hoboken Level 1 canidate here. I’d be willing to meet in the city on the weekends. Preferrably Saturday because of Sunday football. If this works for you let me know.



I’m with you on the football thing and wouldn’t mind the trip. Are you taking any of the classes at NYSSA and how far are you in studying? I just finished ethics and plan to take the Thursday class.

I was thinking of doing the downtown Kaplan class. I’m attending a free trial class tomorrow for Kaplan, but I haven’t made a committment to it yet. Is either one better than the other? I know NYSSA uses Kaplan books so they can’t be much different.

Idk if one is better than the other. Let me know how the class goes. Did you get your books yet?

Hey sorry for the delay, busy time at work. The class was more of an info session on their methods., no material I didn’t get my books yet, but should be ordering them in the next couple weeks when I sign up for a package with Kaplan. In the meantime I’ve been using 2013 Schweser books that I’ve borrowed from a friend. I’ve gone through the Ethics part and am starting Quantitative Methods.

Ok, I’m around the same spot. About to finish up TVM. Shoot me an e-mail sometime

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