CFA Level 1 Modules - But, what are these books for?

Hi All,

My name is Umer, and I am a new member here. I just graduated with an MBA last year and intend to study for CFA Level 1 at the end of the year.

I know there is the CFA Level 1 Module (that comes in 6 books and readily available), but recently Amazon returned my search (for modules) with these books, and I had no idea what these were for?

Could some one please help me as to what these books are for? Are these just the hard copies of the modules or something else? And do I (or perhaps more appropriately) should I study these books (fr CFA Level 1 exam) to gain an operational command on the subjects for the sole purposes of passing CFA Level 1 or does the material not applicable to CFA level 1?

I have pasted the pictures below (from amazon). Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.

These books are pretty much the ones CFA Institute gives you to study from when you sign up. Waste of money to buy the same books if you plan on registering.

Oh, Thank you Mukul215. That’s very helpful.

Yeah, that’s what I was wondering too. Because, while these books were from the CFA Institute and covered the topics included in the modules: These were firstly very expensive (ranging between $50 and $70) and more importantly, highly detailed (between 500 and 750 pages) and I was wondering, how am I going to cover all 18 modules in 300 hours if each books is so long?

So, better to stick with the modules is what I am getting.

By the time you finish L3, you will have 18 similar books (if purchased). A nice collection btw.

Those of the pictures seem to be a summarized version of the 18 books, tho.

I wouldn’t mind getting some extra details. I’ve always loved my finance books, but I have ordered (for the moment) the 6 modules from Amazon. I thought I’ll go through the modules first, and if I need more details, I can always purchase these.

And, I completely agree with you: it sure would be a beautiful collection for my home office library. Thanks all for your highly valued input (*thumbs up)

I have gone through some of these modules in my MBA Curriculum.These modules are very comprehensive study materials for learning all the basic stuffs of Finance.However, I would recommend you to please review the time you have for reading all these materials.Moreover, timings and preparation depends on the exam (June or December ) which you are planning to crack.Its good to hear from you that you are interested in learning more than just passing the exam.

I would recommend, if you have registered for CFA Level 1 , go with Curriculum Books as they are more than enough for learning as well as clearing the exam.However, if you are running out of time, then studying from prep providers such as Schweser is advisable.

I hope this helps.

All the best !

Mishra Jee, your priceless advice is extremely beneficial for where I stand these days. Thank you and God bless.

I am aiming for the December 2017 exams for Level 1. You are right, I do intend to learn in as best details as I can about all these topics.

I am going to follow your advice and will go through the modules with 150% focus and attention, and take it from there. Thank you again and I wish you all the best in all that you are planning for.