CFA Level-1 old Mock Exams and old Real Exams

Hello, I learned in my university studies, that it is really helpful, to get yourself prepared with the old exams from the classes before. So I am looking for the old mock exams and the old real exams from the last 10 years. Regards Consuli

Looking? Found a test, you have, I would say. Hmmm? Hahahahahaha!

I don’t think you’d be able to find old real exams. They are never made public except for the Level III morning session.

Yeah, the L1 old real exams are never made public.

Maybe OP is refering to the sample exams on the CFAI website?

The old real exams have not been published officially at the university, either. However there have been always people who collected the exams.

Isn´t it allowed to take the exam questions home after the exam?


Yeah, they normally let you take the exam home once you’re done with it. There’s no reason to keep it secret or anything, because the exam is in the past. You know?

The question is a bit ridiculous to us but he hasnt even read through Ethics how is he supposed to know? Dont think the bashing is necessary. Op: you are not allowed to take the questions home. They try to prevent all forms of communication regarding the questions. You are not even allowed to discuss specifics with your fellow students. Good luck to you.

I am not allowed to discuss the specifics of the exam questions after the exam with my fellow students. That is really crazy.

So I say sorry for asking for the old real exam questions.


Sorry, one question is still left. Are the old mock exams from last 10 years available?


post your e-mail and i may or may not be able to point you in a direction that could provide some answers…

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