CFA Level 1 Pass- Looking to further develop skills in investment analysis - Please advise

I have a Compliance background in operations and program management within Banking. I recently passed Level 1 CFA and plan to enroll for Level 2 in Jun 2019. I would like to start work as an investment analyst but I’m stuck at the point where I can’t understand what is the quickest (not necessarily the easiest) route to get there and how to begin. Should I start with a financial modeling course and then start analyzing stocks to gain some confidence? Or other suggestions? I’m also very open to an unpaid internship for experience, if any of you are looking for an extra pair of hands and are willing to provide guidance. I’m a quick learner and absolutely professional in my approach to the task.

Pls let me know if you need more information. I really value any advice/direction you can provide. Pls do be constructive and kind with your criticism. If you doubt my commitment to the CFA or in trying to break into the industry, pls know that I gave my Level 1 exam (and passed) when I was third-trimester pregnant with my second child and was taking care of the first one (1 year old) at home. I’m still a stay at home mom and haven’t had much opportunity to network and build resourceful relationships in the finance community. I plan to do that soon and use whatever time I can find to work/study to develop required skills in investment analysis for the next year before I can return to a full time job.

Thanks in advance!

I’m sorry to say this but the information you have provided seems ambiguous and somewhat vague. I don’t think anyone can give any useful feedback as there are not so many pivots to structure your story around so maybe you need to give better and more coherent background. Anyways I included a link below that may help you.


thanks for link! informative yet neutral

The usual path is go to a select school, get a good GPA, land an internship after the junior year summer, and get hired full-time upon graduation. It’s really hard to switch mid-career, and after you’ve already committed to family and kids, why would you want to? Just enjoy life with your family. If investment analysis is really your calling in life, you can do it on your own investment portfolio. Maybe start a blog and get some traffic. Make videos. You can do a lot in your own terms than hoping and praying someone someday hires you to work 80 hours a week and paying you $50k/year to build Excel models in the name of investment analysis. I just can’t wrap my head around why you’d leave your poor 1-2 year old kids to day-care and study 400-500 hours for these exams too.

Take a second MBA or search for Program Assistant Manager jobs on LinkedIn. Tanks.

In my opinion, CFA is not the best option to break into the investment field. Networking and learning to financial model will go much farther. If you can, an MBA is obviously the best choice…The consensus in today’s top MBA grads is that you have “failed” if you land either an investment management or IB role…I’m a firm believer in machines and AI taking much of our jobs and why not? just look at the link below, which is from over a year ago.

I know I am putting my words into your mouth here but if I were you, I would learn python or C++ or other combination and get a certificate from a local college. Your starting salary is $100k…AND who knows in a few years as a coder you might be hired at Goldman or JPM or other hedge funds as their “quant” to replace fundamental analysts just like how Blackrock did couple years ago with their 400 analysts and PMs (replaced with two dozen coders with little to no finance background). This trend by the way is ramping up big time in hedge funds and soon will flow through large banks and others…