CFA Level 1 Study Session Materials

I am planning to prepare for CFA level 1. The CFA Website talks about the 18 Study Sessions and Gives a Free Copy of Study Session 1 (Ethics) My Question is where to order the Other 17 Study Sessions from and what is the Cost? NOTE - (I am not asking about Schweser or Stella material but the one directly from CFAI) I could not find any link in the website? Any help is appreciated thanks Jan

When you sign up for the exam for 2008 you will be given the materials at the time of registration. HTH CP

Jan, From this year you will get the curriculum for all the 18 study sessions once you have registered and paid the fee for the exam. You can not order the materials separately, I think.

You can call them up – pay the book charges and get sent the books for 2008. However if you subsequently signed up for the exam – they will send you the material again. CP

I am very thankful to all of you folks who responded. This was very helpful and amazingly fast.