Hello everyone I just received the books for Level 1 for June 2009 . From your experience what is the best strategy to study? What i mean is go in the order from Volume 1 and onwards or do you guys recommend something else? Just wondering as I was overwhelmed by the amount of material that came in. Thanks

Start anywhere you want. FSA is usually the most time-consuming.

I would say go through them all in order. but thats just me…

You got alot of time. Start from scratch.

i definately recommend going in order, but perhaps leave ethics until a little later on. it seems to be the one thats the most difficult to retain key concepts on.

Buy the schweser videos. It makes it much faster and less painful and you get the whole big picture. Then go back and answer end of chapter questions in your chosen study material…CFAI or Schweser or whatever…I felt CFAI questions were unnecessarily difficult given the types of questions in the qbank(which supposedly mimics the difficulty of the exam) Then Qbank… It seems to be working for me…but hey…I haven’t passed anything yet…

go in order, the test goes in order

I dont mean to burst your bubble but are you a bit too late to start studying now?

sherifster Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I dont mean to burst your bubble but are you a bit > too late to start studying now? will be fine. id say 8 mths is plenty of time to study!!

Haha, sherifster, he has to take it in June 2009. He can do thousands of hours if he wants to =P

Oh sorry , i thought he was a December 2008 taker :). I guess this lack of concentration wont help me much in exam now would it? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah @ sherifster yeah it wouldnt be smart of me to study if it was in december 08