CFA level 1 tasks

Can’t solve this.
Task 1.Please calculate WACC in RUB for Russian company if you have the following info: CAPM (USD - terms) = 11.0%,US-bonds =2.1%, RF Eurobonds =3.4%, OFZ = 6.0%, cost of debt (RUB) = 8.0.
Task 2. Market Cap of XYZ is equal to 100 at the end of 2020. Comparable company’s 2020 EBITDA is equal to 200. Calculate comparable company’s EV using the Market approach.
Please let me know where can I find a source for solving such tasks.

  1. EV / EBITDA is the same for comparable company,
    EV = Market Cap + Total Debt - Cash

  2. Please let me know any info about Task 1.