CFA Level 1 Topic Tests

Hi, just starting taking the topictests covered by the CFA institute and was wondering how well others did on their first attempt?

I am scoring 55-75% and not happy about it…you?

I’m at about the same range also but not sure how much of a reflection these have on the full mocks. Just wondering on other people’s experiences.

I am also in this range however the second attempt has increased the score significantly. Also in AM and PM mock my score was 68% and 53% respectively, so not quite happy there due to large fluctuation in score.

Im around 50% - 60%… Really need to work on my weak areas from now but have yet to cover all the curriculum… Halfway to go for Economics, Derivatives & Alternative Investments is all that is left… Hope I can finish it ASAP

What are you guys scoring in FRA and Ethics, my score was pretty low in FRA in 1st attempt of topic test but 2nd attempt was a little bit more successful than first.

Anyone tried the schweser Qbank ? Do you think that Qbank’s questions are easier than CFAI ones ?