CFA Level 1 with ONLY study materials

Hello. Greetings from someone who’s planning to sit for the test in June '08, perhaps optimistically. I have a simple question for people who may have done the CFA Level 1. Looking at the CBOK on the cfa website, it seems I have a basic familiarity (from college days) with financial management, economics, and accounting that they require. So I’d like to skip buying CFA study materials (books) if possible and try using only Schweser notes or something like it. It this alright? Are Schewer kinds of materials comprehensive, or merely a preparatory supplement? Thanks

do your homework. buying the CFA books is not optional anymore… i woudl use the search function on here for schweser…you can pass using only those.

Thanks. Yes, I tried those searches but didn’t know what to look for. The word “only” is too common. Anyway thanks for the info about CFA books not being optional!

Actually, I am not sure where I should confirm that info. It seems the fees can be paid only for program enrollment and exam? Or does that include the books?

includes the books starting this year.