CFA Level 1

Hello, I have just started studying for the CFA Level 1 Exam in June. I work full time, but work has been slow, so I am going to be studying at work and on the weekends. I was wondering if this seems like it could be enough time and if anyone had any advice? Also, I have a Bachelor’s in Finance and I have 2 years of experience within Financial Services. Thanks

Plenty of time. Just stick with the schedule and don’t fall behind.

I was contemplating trying to postpone the exam until December 2010. Three months is quite a while, but I don’t really have a set study schedule.

You won’t save any money by postpoing, so what would be the point? Many, many people have passed these exams with fewer than 3 months of preparation.

Post in the LI forum.

I would say post in L2 forum actually…they should have a better idea.