cfa level 2 2016 is providing a list of study sessions for the level 2 exam. Are these correct?

The 2016 curriculum is not out yet afaik, should probably be released in the next few days because results for this year are announced today.

As per them Portfolio section is completely changed…One of the fixed income readings is removed…And one reading is added to stats.

can any one give advise me on this. If I register in july with CFAI will i be able to access the curriculum?

Immediately. When I registered in July last year I was able to access the books a few minutes later. And I even received the printed books just two or three days later.

Topic weights published

Topic weights published

Looks to me like no weighting changes… I’d like to see if someone has a link on all changes from 2015 v 2016…

Is reading 12 from Quant not a new reading?

READING 12. EXCERPT FROM “PROBABILISTIC APPROACHES: SCENARIO ANALYSIS, DECISION TREES, AND SIMULATIONS” The candidate should be able to: a describe steps in running a simulation; b explain three ways to define the probability distributions for a simulation’s variables; c describe how to treat correlation across variables in a simulation; d describe advantages of using simulations in decision making; e describe some common constraints introduced into simulations; f describe issues in using simulations in risk assessment; g compare scenario analysis, decision trees, and simulations

PM looks like different reading names but probably similar content.