CFA level 2 and application for master programs


I am 21 and in the final year of my BA degree of economics (focused on finance and banking) (>50 rank) in UK. I passed level 1 in June 2014 exam and plan to take level 2 exam in june 2015. My undergraduate may be 2:1 in Uk and i am going to apply for the MSC in finance program in Canada (Toronto or Vancouver) or UK(London) with good rankings . Because i have no work experience, i am afraid that they will eliminate my application immediately. By passing CFA level 2 and taking additional GMAT with >600, could my CV and application be improved to get higher chance to be admitted? And do choosing the MSC programs which are the CFA partners would improve my chance? Can i get some scholarship by having better undergraduate degree (1st class) or by passing cfa level 2 to prove my enthusiasm in finance career?

i need some advices and any feedback is highly appreciated! Thank you for your help

Not sure you should represent yourself as CFA L2 candidate…not sure how strict they are on that stuff but doesnt sound like you are enrolled or even eligible to be enrolled?

You cannot enroll for the Level II exam until you have your bachelor’s degree. Thus, you are not (nor can you be) a Level II candidate. Depending on when you’re graduating, you may not be able to sit for the exam in June 2015.

and there’s almost 0 chance you’ll get a scholarship just because you passed L2

thanks all, i will be graduated in december 2014 and after that i will take the exam on June 2015. I just want to mention CFA level 2 to show my enthusiastic in financial career and my passion to improve my knowledge in the future, will this help to enhance my application when they require me to write a motivation letter? i know that they will consider other prospect including the ability to pay for tuition fee, english proficiency…and it’s very hard to be admitted to good MSC program frown

^ You are misrepresenting your candidacy in the CFA program, which is a violation of the standards. I would refer to it as “Passed CFA Level 1 Exam”

You won’t be considered because of Ethics violation. Better fix that.

Too late. I notified the Institute :slight_smile:

@OP - My advice is this:

Graduate from school and get a job. Don’t go back to school.

If the master’s programs you’re applying to won’t accept you for lack of experience, then that should tell you something.

So stop worrying about CFAs and MBAs and MSCs and stuff. Worry about JOBs.

^ And change status in CFA program so he does not continue to violate the standards.

This is a very serious offense.

^No, it’s not a “very serious offense”.

The only place he even remotely claimed to be a L2 candidate was in his “profile” line, where it says “CFA Level II Candidate”.

So if it’s so deadly serious, please call CFAI and tell them that there’s a person you don’t even know who is claiming to be a L2 candidate (as opposed to simply “passed L1”), and you know all of this because of an anonymous post on an anonymous forum. I guarantee that they will laugh at you and hang up.

^ lols, so serious

He probably put it on his resume too.

agreed. not a big deal

Not sure I agree with you there.