Cfa-Level 2 Jobs in India

I am from India and I gave my CFA-Level I exam in December 2013. Currently I am preparing for Level-II in June-2014.

I am an engineer and graduated last year. I have no experience in finance sector. I was wondering if I should wait till level-2 exam and then start looking for jobs or start right now? Also what are the job opportunities in India after clearing Level-2?



My advice would be to go for the job right now. The competition for finance jobs (or for any competitive job for that matter) is ridiculously tough. CFA program is targeted at professionals who already have a job so it is to be taken along with the job. I don’t know about the specifics of the Indian financial sector job market but clearing CFA exams should bode well for you, at least in our part of the World.

Another advice that I would like to give is to don’t be picky if it’s your first job. For jobs, read your local newspapers, try linkedin or contact your career services department of your university. Also, find out if you already know someone who works in finance in your network and ask him/her to get you an interview or something.

Good luck!