CFA LEVEL 2 jobs

I just wanted to know that if i am a graduate i.e i did my and passed my CFA LEVEL 2

around how much would i be able to make in india and abroad(u.s , canada , u.k ) ??

rply asap… Thnx in advance guys :slight_smile:

pass level 2 first then start fantasizing about stuff

based on the tones, spelling, grammar of your post, you won’t get anything good even though you get charter.


Could somebody look past my grammar and stuff?

looking for a simple answer to my simple question!

Build a network and reach out to people. You would get a job, but its still hard work. Good luck.

keep trying …

The job market is not looking good. People with the necessary qualifications and experience are finding it tough. To get the charter you will require 4 years of requisite work experience. hunt for a job in in india, gain work experience and complete the CFA program. you should also consider MBA .

“around how much would i be able to make in india and abroad(u.s , canada , u.k ) ?”

thats jumping the gun

Why are some AFers intent on picking on others even when their own knowledge of english sucks

" even though you get charter"

“based on the tones”

Good english!!!

@confused2010 … Haha ya i noticed all those errors myself , i just was in no mood to offend people :slight_smile:

And look at that person hu posted " agreed ". Like really ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also ya it could be that i am jumping the gun bt then ultimately i wanna move out of india . Right now i am a CA Final student and i am changind my firm becaus my current firm is big and they make me work my ass off and for June2014 L2 exam i hardly get any time …i wana focus on my CFA until june and then on my CA thereafter!!

MBA is a done deal! Will do it no matter what :slight_smile:

Yes do your MBA. Age is on your side. I believe there will be good opportunities in India by the time you complete MBA>

and the person who agreed with the comment does not know that ‘programme’ is a word in the english langauge.

Thnx :slight_smile:

people who are faulty try and find fault in others

No worries, you will make millions pretty soon. Everbody knows, as soon as you pass that second level, the job offers just keep coming. KKR, GS, BlackRock, make your pick, they will get in line…

^ GS was banging on my door with champagne after I passed L1. was I the only one?