CFA Level 2 June 2011 Delhi/NCR Candidates

I am taking CFA L2 in June 2011 and would like to connect with other candidates. Request all you folks to post here and lets get started. Can catch me on anupamjain008@gmail too. Happy studying.

count me in. will connect on email.

Hey zain0317, Thanks - have you started studying yet? No mails from your end - did you send it? Alternatively, let me know your email and I will be glad to connect.

Hey anupam sorry have been really swamped with work. I havent started studying yet. havent sent you an email yet.shall connect over the weekend. what about you? you started yet? schweser or CFAI texts?

Hey Zain, Yes I have started somewhat - however nothing too major! I am planning to go the old trusted route - Stalla + EOC. Do not think that I will go for Schweser, but who knows. How about you?

im taking CFA LEVEL 2 in june 2011…any1 from delhi…??? catch me on

hey count me in tooo…would like to form a study group…wats ur email id??