CFA Level 2 - New York

Hey guys,

I’ll be in NYC from January - May for work, would love to meet up with a study group while I’m there to crush some level 2 studies.




I’ll be taking Level 2 June 2015 in NYC, would like to give a study group a try. Let’s crush it.

I work nearby in Connecticut but often make my way down to the city. Would love to form a study group, especially closer to the exam when were knocking out those mocks.

Perfect, let’s do this. Do you guys have LinkedIn? Send me a PM and I’ll add you

Little late to the discussion, but I live/work in NYC and am studying for June 2015 Level 2. Message me if you already have a plan. Weekends preferrably.

  • Dean

We have a level 2 study group that starts January 6 and meet twice a week, in Midtown Manhattan (5th and 53) Tuesday and Thursday from 5:45-9-45

you don’t have to come both days or stay till the end but it is preferred you arrive on time for start.

first topic - Quant

going over EOC and Elan questions.

This is a support group where we help each other go through the material.

The expectations is that you went through the material at least once.

Contact me for info