CFA Level 2 result

hey there!
this is my result for December 2020 exam.

this was my second level 2 attempt and did not pass. I want to ask if I should attempt Level 2 again or cfa is simply not for me.
Thanks in advanve
i got 70% plus marks in quants in my first attempt but this time the addition of AI and neural network etc is I believe the reason of such marks in this attempt. IT portion was very complex for me.

Level II is a beast, especially if you have not been around the valuation process much. Stick with it and never give up. Ethics is one area that sticks out to me as an easy area to improve on. Ethics should be free money on the exam so maybe next time go over this section again just before the exam. I’d bet you would have passed with a good Ethics section score.


When was the last time you had Level II pass of 55% ??

I know this is rhetorical, but the closest was in 2005, when the pass rate for level 2 was 56%.

Your comments are always kind and encouraging! Kudos to you… I have to say, part of the reason why I don’t come to this website often is because I notice many members are overly sarcastic and cocky. It is nice to come across genuine people who are trying to help.

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If you want to be a CFA charterholder one day, then you should try again. Just because you failed twice, doesn’t mean that CFA is not for you. However, I’d encourage you to try and change your strategy… at the end of the day, with these qualifications, it all boils down to strategy, it really isn’t about the exam difficulty.

PS: If you haven’t tried Mark Meldrum, he is GREAT! I recommend him.


Sounds like you got approximately 73 questions correct out of 120. You might have missed the passing score approximately by 6 questions. I suggest you reappear. Work on your weak areas and you can definitely pass. Don’t give up. I feel if you had done slightly better in Ethics and Quant, It would have been a pass for you. But no big deal. You can crack it in your next attempt. Good Luck.

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