CFA level 2 retakers

Hi everyone:

You might have been studying for the last 9 months ( or 2). You woke up early (or slept late).

You put in the hours and the days, missed parties and events — but it didn’t matter.

What does matter is the finish, you need to peak at the right time, during those 6 hours on a Saturday morning — that day has to be your best day.

We are actively working to build review material that is designed to bring out the best performance from you.

A collection of prep materials, reviews, question banks and most importantly a strategy and a plan to help push you over the edge.

Actively recruting volunteers : Please contact us at cfa100hours at gmail

DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape or form are we suggesting that 100 hours are all you need to pass this exam. Our goal is to make sure you spend the LAST 100 hours of your prep time in the most efficient manner possible to maximize your chances.

cfa100hours at gmail : drop us a line, tell us about yourself and your plans for the CFA2 and we will be in touch.