CFA Level 2 Study Group - Pakistan

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there are other people in this Forum studying for there L2 exams in June 2014 , putting up in Pakistan.

Was hoping we could form a study circle and excel together ! :slight_smile:

Iā€™m one. Just passed the L1 and thinking about registering and starting preparing for L2.

Is a great idea forming a studing circle for mutual cooperation. Count me in. I can be reached at forwaqar at gmail dot com

By the way i need to ask you something if you could share your email address


hey guys I am a Pakistani from USA. I was wondering about CFA Program in Pakistan. How much does it cost and how much time you study for it? Is there any review classes in a Pak?

You can check all the details from cfa website

Exam cost is around $1200 for Level 1, and around $1000 for Level 2. A lot of institutes are available for prep classes charging around 50k to 80k PKR (e.g. SKANS, CFE etc). Four to six months should be enough for each level if you have some background in accounting/finance.