CFA Level 2 Study Group Vienna, Austria

Hi all,

I’m taking the Level II exam in November 2023 and looking for study partners in Vienna, Austria. If you would like to prepare together, please pm me.


Hi @ChrisSt92, just noticed your message. I am also in Vienna and just starting to prepare for November 2023 level 2 exam. Would be great to catch up

Hi Tim,

thanks for your message. Would be great to catch up and get to know each other. Would you be up for some coffee next week (I am a little busy this week).


Hi Chris,

That would be great. Seems that there is no way to write in pm. I can be available next Thursday or Friday. Any suggestions? 1010 or?

Hi Tim,

sorry for my late reply. Would you be up for having a coffee at Café Hawelka on Thursday, 6 pm? I’d be also pretty flexible if Friday suits you better. So just let me know :slight_smile:

Hi Tim,

are you still interested in meeting up?


I’m not in Vienna, but I’d be down for some virtual study sessions if you’re interested. We can tackle those Level II challenges together, no matter the distance!