CFA Level 3, 2012 Exam

Guys, Will be very specific. 1- how different 2012 materials from 2011? 2- from where best to start? (from your experience) which subjects you would recommend? Many thanks Appreciate your time.

1- try finquiz website

I passed Level 3 this June on the first try (very grateful). I started studying in October and really went into high gear in January. I would recommend the following for the fall: - PWM: learn everything about the IPS for individual and institutional investor - Behavioral: this is kind of fun, read it all - Work on some of the more complicated fixed income/swaps problems, so when you get to that part of the curriculum next year it will not be the first time you would have gone through it I would sign up for a review course, and use that to pace yourself. I did this and got a little ahead of the game and finished the curriculum with six weeks before the exam and immediately went into practice test mode. I cannot tell how important it was for me to do many practice tests. Especially the essays. I still have my (very marked up/highlighted) 2011 Level 3 Shweser curriculum books and practice tests. If you are interested email me at