CFA Level 3 AM 1999-2017 exams

Here’s a link to the past exams.

I took a look at the 1999 exam, which is the one I took (and passed).

I didn’t recognize the questions.

How far back does it make sense to go?

I’m guessing if you have the time, it wouldn’t hurt going back couple of years but keep in mind that material changes on a yearly basis so the farther behind you go, the more likely you are to see things that are no longer covered/applicable.

2015-2017 are a must since these are already provided by CFAI, but the ones before that are probably good for general practice (i.e don’t sweat it if you see something that you’ve never seen before)

I did each from 2010 , still pretty much relevant

I stand corrected!

This is pure gold from IFT. Lists relevance of prior 10 years of AM exam questions vs. this year’s curriculum. Good luck!

Mind sharing where you got them from? Would it also be possible to get PM papers?

I’ve been collecting AM papers over the years. They don’t release PM papers though.

God I took it in 2013 and don’t remember a single one. I do remember looking down and seeing 11 questions instead of 9 the prior 3 AMs I took to practice and being like, “WTF!”.

Finished with 2 minutes to spare. Sweated my ass off the whole time. Never again.

This comes in handy. Great stuff!

Thanks very much rexkicker.

I just hope I’m gonna have time to do as much as possible.

Is this the one for last years exam or is it the 2019 exam version ?

Since so many people are wondering about the morning portion of the exam… well BUMP all you need to do is find the 2018 exam on your own which can be found on the CFAI website. I think someone else already kindly posted details instructions on how to access it. Also, I’ve been going through the exams a lot of the older stuff now shows up in the newer sections while IFT is a good starting point on which exams are relevant, some of the stuff that he eliminates are actually now in other chapters.