CFA level 3 - blue boxes

Just wanted to know how long it takes people to review the blue boxes per Reading? Signed up for the Nov exam after failing May (didnt really go through BBs which i guess is why i failed). Im finding it takes me one full day to go through BB and EOC per Reading which seems super slow. Im only on second topic (Private Wealth, started with Behavioral).

Do you guys just read the BBs or write out the answers separately on paper to help with the learning process? So far I have been writing out. Any tips on how I can up the speed / be more tactical?

I was hoping to do 4 rounds of BBs & EOCs before the exam given people are saying thats better prep than the historic exams for computer based exam.

You’re going to repeat the same question 4 times?

Greetings friend! The blue box questions are wrapped into the CFA learning ecosystem MCQs, in your candidate resources section. Just plow through all those questions between now and late September if you can manage it, time wise. Knock out 1-2 topics a week if you can just banging questions. Don’t worry about getting them all right just focus on learning the explanations why they are right because they will repeat similar questions in the MCQ topic bank and you can evolve with your answer-readiness.

Then make the switch to mocks the last 4-6 weeks for AM/PM in my opinion. Because many mocks is the key to L3, I found the mock questions a little trickier than typical blue box or EOC questions that typically required “linear” (do you remember what you just read in the section) solutions, rather than more integrated/nuanced solutions.

Cheers and good luck on your exam - you got this👍

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thank you. I see so the Ecosystem repeats the blueboxes essentially (as well as more questions i suppose). At least it will allow to me reinforce the material at least which saves time.

I would also say, if there’s white text examples, work and complete those. The Blue Boxes and White Text cover just about everything you can imagine and knowing those inside and out really helped me on the May exam after failing in December. You can typically get through 1-2 chapters a night of just the BB and Wht Txt examples. It takes time at first but once you learn the formulas and the material, you can knock out 1-2 topics a day by the end especially for the more quant heavy topics like derivatives.

EOC’s are good for “fine tuning” however they’re mainly just repeat questions of the BB and Wht Txt examples. Finally, check the CFAI website for the most recent errata, it could save you time and points on the exam.

Keep up the fight!

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Many thanks for for the advice. Yep trying to BBs, white text and EOCs for all the heavy weighted topcs before bootcamp . will do remaining post bootcamp.

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