[CFA Level 3 candidate] Questions about regular member application

Dear all, I have passed Level 2 last year and would like to take Level 3 in 2012. As at the end of 2011, I would probably accumulated around 57 months of working experience (likely to be within the scope of acceptable working experiences) and plan to register as regular member at the end of 2011. My questions are as follows: 1. I have worked as an analyst in IBD for 4 months before. Would CFAI discount the number of months of such short working experience or totally reject it? 2. As per the requirement from CFAI, 2 sponsor is needed for the membership application process and one of which must be your supervisor unless it will provide it in applicant’s difficult situation. For my case, my employer may probably bargain it with my remuneration review or place me in difficult situation if I would like to change job. Can I use 2 sponsors with 2 outside regular members in this case? 3. Do I need to submit the reference letter/employment contract or other approvals of my previous jobs to CAFI and local society for their reference? Thanks for your help!

uhhhh. you may want to ask the CFA Society. I wouldn’t trust this Motley Crew

2 outside sponsors (both CFA Charterholders) is perfectly fine.

They will probably not accept those 4 months of IBD experience. Sounds like it was an internship. They don’t count internships or summer analyst positions. Your employer is a jerk if he will use his endorsement letter against you for remuneration purposes. You should consider leaving your job if that is the type of character you are dealing with.

Dear Equivocation, Thanks for your reply. It’s a permanent position and my supervisor in that job would probably be one of my sponsors. Dear cpk123, I have checked for the CFA Institute website, isn’t it a regular member (contrast to charter holder) is enough? As it states: “All societies require sponsor forms from two individuals: * A regular member (not an affiliate member) of CFA Institute, whose membership status is currently active * Your supervisor” I am not challenging you but I would like to clarify in order to faciliate the application process. Thanks again. Dear all, For other questions, does anyone help? Thanks a lot!

If one of them is not your supervisor … then both should be Charterholders and at least one of them should belong to your local society. I know this because I went with the same option.

Anyone can help? Thanks!

Anyone help? Thanks a lot for your comment in advance.