CFA Level 3 Ethics


I passed CFA Level 1 last December 2011 and Level 2 this June. Actually, for my level 2 exam, i didn’t expect to pass since I enrolled in the last week of February because of financial constraints. Because of the ups and downs I experienced during my review for level 2, it is time for me to plan early, study early. But again, financial constraints is the main problem. However, as I saw the content of Level 3, I think of studying ethics first. I would like to ask if the reading on Ethics is the same in all levels so that I can review it first? Thank you very much


Asset manager code is extra…

Looks the same to me. Same 150+ pages for each of the standards with same questions. If Level 2 focused on soft dollars and prudent man, is there a specific area level 3 focuses on?