Cfa level 3 for 2023

I might not clear level 3 in 2022. the exam did not go well for me. before registering for 2023 exam, i want to know what are the changes in curriculum compared to 2022. Can someone tell this ? That part will not be visible to me in cfa website unless i register for 2023.

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The Level III curriculum is unchanged.

really ? this generally does not happen as cfa always updates/modifies or adds some chapters from year to year (except covid time).
just to clarify, this is what i see when i check for 2022 in cfa website. i am looking for similar info for 2023

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“For the 2023 exam cycle, content at Level III will remain frozen from the 2022 curriculum”

Thank you very much…

My pleasure.

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe the issue here is ‘changes in the Level 3 curriculum.’ I believe that the issue is adequate preparation for the test one is taking.

FWIW, I recommend studying for a minimum of 200 hours, esp. for Levels 2 and 3. That is because the ‘opportunity cost’ of not passing and having to retake either (or both) of these levels is not just the time. If one is already a financial professional who is not working in a sales or administrative role, the opportunity cost includes a delay in being able to put CFA after one’s name. That opportunity cost will vary fro person to person, but it can easily run to five figures, and maybe even six.

Of course, if the candidate is already a finanical professional, then Level 1 should be very easy, a veritable ‘walk in the park.’

The curriculum is the same as 2022, as others have said but the format of the exam is changing. There will no longer be a dedicated essay paper but rather each paper will consist of some essay and some item set questions. Each paper will consist of 11 questions, with each question being worth 12 marks. One paper will have 5 essay and 6 item sets; the other having 6 essay and 5 item sets. All item sets will consist of 4 multiple choice questions.

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