Anyone out there prepping for L3 June 2010? Lets form a group of sorts and see how we may be useful to one another. just holla on this thread and we can plan a hook up!

hi akinzo. i’m in lagos and prepping for L3 2010. have you started studying already?

okey not quite. i have registered though and still waiting for the curriculum. i plan to use curriculum only and fashi schweser. any thots? what about you?

I haven’t registered yet. will do that later. I’m preparing for frm exams in november and only after that exam will i begin to pay full attention to cfa L3. Is it advisable to use just the curriculum? well, you’re exerienced having passed the first two exams. i’m a stalla person. I’ve been using stalla materials since L1 - no need to change a winning team. I’ll get stalla when I’m ready.

whats up Akinzo thats what my uncle calls me…how were u able to pass the first two exams without going crazy!