CFA Level 3 - Manhattan

Any CFA level 3 candidate that needs a study group in Manhattan? Let me know. Thanks!

Yes, preferably downtown…

I am interested but plan to start studying late October…

Cool, can you guys email me at: nyccfaexamATgmailDOTcom

I am in.

Hi Guys, I have started studying for the exam. How is it going for you guys. If you have 1 more space I will like to jump in. Thanks

Me as well… this group around? I’ll email nyccfaexamATgmailDOTcom tonight

Can you please include me I have already started with Ethics and I’m working in downtown but probably will move to midtown in March… Thanks

swaptiongamma @ gmail . com – Works downtown and stays Jersey City. Not much of a group learner.

I am planning to start sytudying this week… Can you please include me at if there is space and if it isn’t too late? I work in Downtown and live in Queens. Thanks!

Please include me I work downtown, thanks!

For those of you who would like to join a study group and have not heard back from nyccfaexam, you are welcome to join me and riskyrider. We’re planning to start studying in a week or so at the Schwarzman library in midtown. If interested, email me at