CFA level 3 past paper relevance

How relevant are the past cfa papers to the current curiculum?

Looking at schwesers past exam relevance and comparing against the CFA material there appears to be large gaps. e.g. i was doing the 2016 am paper and lots of questions i could not find in the syllabus, did anyone else find this? I then came across the IFT past paper relevance which heavily contradicted the schweser past paper relevancy

I did all of the schweser listed question I would say the majority are relevant and there are a few more additional questions you could do. IFTs guide leaves out a ton of questions

Are you able to share Schweser relevancy questions?

It’s behind a paid firewall

How did you find schweser secret sauce? Good for reviewing on every day basis?

I was also keen on Wiley 12th hour guide, used it in L2 and was good enough. But looks like very few ppl are on Wiley in L3.