CFA level 3


Does anyone have any good contacts for a private Level 3 tutor that focus on the essay portion of the exam? Preferably near Boston.


I do not know of a private tutor but I believe Marc LeFebvre has a bootcamp in Boston in mid April and I have heard good things about him, specifically how he helps break down the AM section.


Marc’s the best.

And I would say that even if he didn’t pay me to do so.


haha thanks so much. I passed Levels I and II on the first try but I can’t seem to get pass Level III. Got destroyed on the essay portion so I was hoping someone could independently read my essays and point out where I’m possibly going wrong? Anyways, did a quick Google search on Marc and he looks great. Thanks for the reference.

I’ve sent you a PM about some stuff in Boston offered. Good luck. I’m sure there is others as well it being a major city.

Marc LeFebvre is the Michael Jordan of CFA Level 3 prep