CFA Level I Books

Hi all, Back in 2006, I intended to take the CFA exam, but I took a job offer and got stuck in my work. Now I really want to get back into it and was wondering if I could just read these and maybe buy Study “aids” from Schweiser or Stella to update the knowledge to 2009. Do you guys think the contents have dramatically changed? Thanks all

if you register for the exam the books are a package deal, so you won’t need to do that.

Yeah, the 2006 books are basically useless considering the exam fees include the cost of books. The only thing they’ll be good for is if you’re on the fence with taking it. If you study the 2006 books for a few weeks, you can gauge whether or not you’re serious about writing in June. I did this for last december’s exam with a friends 07 books, and well, I didn’t even sign up in the end. Saved me the exam fee which was nice, as there is no way I would have stayed committed to the program and passed.

Thanks for your advice sbmarti2. I am going to do that!