CFA level I June 2009

PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS MINDED CANDIDATES RESPOND, I DONOT HAVE THE TIME AND MONEY TO WASTE THIS IS A VERY EXPENSIVE ENDEAVOR!!! Now with that out of the way I am in North Jersey and am interested in forming a CFA Level I study group in North to central Jersey. that is Middlesex to Essex and North of Essex. Please email me at! Please check meet-up for additional members willing to commit! If you want to ace this exam get 5 -7 serious minded people togerther and you will ace this exam with 10-15 hours per week!!!

Dude… chill

That is one scary dude…

Ray, your blog is awesome!

take it easy dude

instead of commenting on how I am scary and need to chill start a group and help some folk out who might need your assistance! DUDe!