CFA Level I London Study Group

Hey everyone,

Just guaging interest for a London study group for June Level I 2014. Any takers?


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Sounds good, although I would want to get sunk in to the curriculum before I attend any study group. Currently finishing off ethics, so maybe in Feb!

I’d be interested, just polished off the IMC but haven’t even bought my L1 books yet. Would be up for studying though.

I only just started too so I agree with ProspectiveDreamer that it’d be a good move to plan a session in Feb once we’ve covered a decent amount! Any ideas as to where we would study? I know my old university library gives out one day passes to people who’ve studied in the UK so that may be an option (it’s based in South Kensington).

Sent you a PM. I’m out of the country for 2 weeks in Feb but still keen.

Which calculator do you guys have? Texas BA2 seems more familiar but I do get the point about RPN, that’s how I do mental maths and can definitely see it being the faster calculator

I ordered the HP 12C few weeks ago but only opened it yesterday because I started TVM section…it seems so alient to me. I panicked and ordered a texas insutrments express delivery! Receiving that tomorrow. I’ve been trying to do quant section using the HP and I covered about 20 pages, but just can’t carry on. The intuition behind it seems great, and I have no doubt if someone were to dedicate the time they would benefit greatly from it- but not me. Feel a bit annoyed for wasting a days study.

Interesting, thanks for the tip! Seems like you making good progress through the material though! Think I may order both and return the one I don’t get along with.

hello All…

I’m very much interested in meeting up…usually free in the evenings after 6pm as I work full time…based around St. Paul’s, so could meet anywhere in the City.

Weekends I’ll be free all day so let me know if anyone is up for it :slight_smile:

How is everybody doing in terms or progress? I’m on LOS 8…scared I’m too slow!

Doing alright, still a fair bit to go. When do you guys want to kick this off? I’ve discussed a few locations with themaarten so it’s a matter of figuring out a time and date to start (weekly, daily??). I will be in Thailand for 2 weeks from 9 Feb. scuba diving and kayaking, but I will be reading on the plane.

Do you mind sharing these locations?

My office (London Bridge), themaartens office (St. Pauls). Mine is open 24/7, free coffee, massive and has lots of meeting rooms, i’m assuming themaartens is similar.

Sounds great, I have to pass London Bridge on the way home- would be ideal!. Will let you guys know in a few weeks.

Man, seeing all these people get their results is making me want to get the books out and study

Hey All,

I would be interest in meeting up with you all for a study group as well. I am usually free in the evenings, which seems like the consensus time.

Would you mind if I joined the group?

So what’s happening? I’m back from my holiday now, is the group still going ahead?

Yes, I am taking the CFA L1 on August 2024.