CFA Level I prep in Manhattan

Hi Guys, Is there anyone in Manhattan preparing for CFA-Level I ? I am trying to find some group study so that it makes me easier to go through the huge material. I work on wallstreet and stay in Manhattan - 25th street so if anyone is willing to study in a group you are welcome. -Janga

Go with 7city. You’ll pass.

Yes, there are people in manhattan preparing for CFA level I.

Are you close to hiranandani complex? I stay inside the waters of Indian Ocean… I am a mermaid and I am doing CFAI from ICFAI. Will this help me in getting a finance gig? I am so wannabe working in IT and want to move to Wall Street. Please suggesst?

Really not sure what being a mermaid has to with either IT or Wall Street, but a good suggestion to getting a front office job would be waiting the credit storm through for another 5 years and learning to speak english properly.

Thank you so much sir, appreciate your thoughts on the same! So do you recommend Dilip Oak’s GRE classes to improvise my knowledge of this foreign langauge? Please guide me, it’s really difficult for a mermaid to break into these white collar wall street jobs.

you can join the sharp seminars … its like a 4 month course … with one class each sunday or wed which ever is appropriate for u it costs around $1000 … i think they are great !

HI Venkat, Are you taking this in JUne 09 or DEC 08. If you are planning to take it in JUNE 09, please do mail me at thanks ananth