CFA Level I - Preparation Advice Needed

Hi, I just recently joined Analyst Forum.

I will appear for CFA Level - I in June, 2020 and wanted some preparation guidance for the same. I plan on using the CFAI material along with Schweser Practice Exams. Is this the right combination?

Also, any help will be appreciated with regards to mock recommendations as well because I have no idea about that.

Thanks in advance.

PS - I’ve gone through numerous articles / blogs / videos on preparation strategy to get some clarity but somehow I was more confused after, hence looking for some direct answer.

Welcome. I used mainly Schweser mock exams and felt prepared, but there should be enough practice questions in the CFAI materials to keep you busy for a while. The number of practice problems and mock exams you complete is far more important than the type of materials you use. That’s not really a direct answer, but it’s the truth. Just put in the hours and you’ll be fine.

My advice is to start now because is a lot of content (A LOT) and some topics are harder to master…

But the biggest challenge is actually the lenght of the material.

Also solve all questions in end of chapter + the ones in the CFA online bank

Question practice and mock exams seems to be the main focus. Thanks for your help. Will surely follow it.

I’ve started with Quants and yes, the material is very bulky!