CFA Level I Videos - Which one is better?

Hey Guys, wanted to have some opinion on which video series is best for CFA level I.

For first time introduction of the concept (familiarisation stage), I used PreNugget for all. It gives you an intuition of what’s going on, so you can quickly move on to do the EOC.

Then for some detail explanation (especially when it comes to FRA which is very confusing for me a lot of the time the materials) go and use MM 2017 on Youtube (especially on topics such as Cash Flow statement, Inventories, and Income Tax etc.)

I have an advanced economic degree so I don’t need much help on Quant, Econ and Fixed Income/Derivative ( I simply watched PreNugget video series and manage and manage to get the concepts straightaway. For specificity I just refer to the Kaplan notes and formula sheet which will get you through the gist of what’s going on), but probably other people will say those are also difficult for people not from a specific background.

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May i know what is MM2017? I google but havent found

Most probably Mark Meldrum videos

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