CFA Level II 2013 Tampa Bay area

If anybody wants to study for the 2013 Level II exam in the Tampa Bay area, let me know. I got my books early so I can start early and have a higher prob of passing. Tampa, Ybor, Clearwater area is close to me. Most convenient is USF for me.

im only working on level 1 for december…i wont be trying level 2 for june…curious though if you’re in the industry there in tampa?

im going to register for level 2 june 2013 but im not in your area… let me know if you are interested in coordinating studies through net/ emails/ skype

Studying for the June 2013 L1 in St. Pete if you’re interested in meeting up and studying together.

Hey, just started studying for Level II in June 2013. I live in Tampa bay and would be willing to meet for study sessions.

Also studying for L2 in june… would definately be down to meet up. whats the best way to exchange contact info?

Im in the tampa bay area studying for level 1. Im going to be taking it in Decemeber. Anyone interested in meeting up?

Sorry, I didn’t follow this thread for a long time. Hope everyone did well on the Level I and II exams. I will retake Level II next June most likely. If anybody wants to join, lemme know. Will provide more contact info when I know I failed for sure.

U still in L2 or l3?

Sorry, passed. On level 3 now.