CFA Level II exam June 2019 in Amsterdam/the Netherlands

Hey guys,

I know that CFAI does not publish the exact venue of the exam until May, by which time it is impossible to find a hotel which is reasonably close-by. I was wondering whether RAI has been the exam venue for the last 10 years and hence, can be expected to be this year as well?

They don’t change the venue usually, unless it can’t accommodate the candidates.

this time, the level 1&2 exams are on different days - so not accommodating is out of question.

Thus, you could expect the same venue!

In Mumbai, we’ve Thakur college I believe. Vashi en route to Kandivali for me!

The hall tickets in May will confirm our test centers, they come some four weeks before the exams.

It’s the same route for me !

V-ashi to Thakur College is some two hours drive.

That’s 6am leaving from home for the 8pm reporting.