CFA Level II has taken over my life - who else is going crazy?

OK I think I’m about to go crazy, Level ii has completely taken over my life. I slowly began prep around September because I heard Level II was a bit more challenging. Finished my first run around around 2 weeks ago. Revising now and all I do everyday is think about studying. I study on the bus, at work when i can, lunch break study, stay back at work at night to study, study on the weekends, study at my gfs house, carry formula sheet with me everywhere, keep going on Analystforum.

Is anybody else in the same boat as me. I think its the breadth of work that gets me. I dont find Level 2 content that technically difficult its just the amount of content you need to know.

The CFA program is not for the faint hearted. Studying for this is pure agony.

Yep that’s about right. And here’s some more truth: your reward for getting past level 2 is level 3, and that’s another world of pain

and after level 3…your job will entail this question :‘dear madam would you like fries with that?’

I started L2 after one day December L1 exam, I learn slowly on Curriculum and Shweser’ Notes, and now with 3 topics remaining

A big help I found, and no offense to this website, but stop looking at AnalystForum once you are finished reviewing. There are a lot of panic stories on here than you can’t let get into your head. Instead, find YOUR own study momentum of just practice questions and reviews. The idea is to limit your distractions. You can’t study at your girlfriends house and make her believe that she’s the priority when you’re there. You can’t study on the bus with all of the people, and trying to remember when to get off. There is a ton of distractions on this site, but it can be a huge help in drilling down concepts, by seeing if you can aswer peoples questions without having to look it up. Just have to discipline yourself to limit distractions.

If that’s so, then you should quit now

d3donahue, you hit the nail on the head. Unless you have a specific question, it might be in ones interest to otherwise avoid the forum when through reading. Don’t get me wrong, I visit and post regularly but it is a distraction. Seeing the various threads and trying to recall the topic, reading other posts, hearing how someone started studying 10 months ago, etc will drive you mad, especially if you get caught up wondering why you’re not stressing when you haven’t been studying as long…

Trying to read a lot of the threads, i’ve learned, regarding a topic that you haven’t looked at in months or understand someones question and not being able to will only make you stress and worry. No two people are on the same page or same question. Come for help if you need it but i’d just keep your focus and keep moving, turn the pc off.

I am going crazy but even better, my hair is falling out.

My colleagues have noticed and they think I got a new hair cut…

Every 1 hour or 2 – stop, make some tea, and sit on the couch for 10 minutes and just relax

I am in the same boat. I have a two pc/monitor desktop and I even created jpg of flash cards and use them as a screen saver on one of the monitors. I have flash cards at various places around my house and my wife once yelled out “Root Mean Squared Error…Define it and how it is used”. My 2 year old calls the room I read in the Study Room and sits in my chair and announces that he is studying and we need to be quite. When he asked to watch a Schweser video instead of Bob the builder I knew we were all in.

Same here. In Janruary my barber made a crack about my hair looking pretty thin. I tell one guy at work and now everyone that passes my desk is like ‘Hey are you going bald?’ I’m kinda freaking out about it.

lol @ the 2 year old candidate watching andrew holmes instead of bob the builder.


ya, its about staying in touch with the info, and keeping it on tap…which means : obsession

I don’t know about you guys but every so often I have to get on this Forum and say how sick, sick, sick and tired I am of CFA. One way or another, I can’t wait until this thing is over!

I just had to say that. Anybody else? Misery loves company.

if you need the motivation to study, i suggest watching peter olinto videos prior to opening your books.

I have these moments where I start to panic and think I haven’t done enough. I started studying in October and completed the prep course through University of Toronto. I’ve read all the study sessions and have done every practice question at least twice, but there’s still this nagging feeling like it’s not enough.

I found the best cure to be a solid hour or two of studying. It usually alleviates my fears a little bit and I’m able to focus instead of scrambling.

Studying is like a drug now. You just have to get your fix.

I had those videos from Stalla last year but now there is no more Stalla. Where do you find Peter Olinto videos? Personally, I’m not a fan of Peter Olinto’s videos. The notes from Stalla’s videos in general were fantastic but watching Peter and gettign all of those notes down was so painfully time consuming. He is enterntaining though, I have to give him that.