CFA Level II revised course curriculum

Dear retakers,

My first hand analysis says

(i) Quants gets a new simulation based chapter

(ii) Major changes in the Portfolio Management

(iii) ABS from Fixed Income is removed (that brings smile to my face, you know why)


Where did you get this from, or is it only speculation?

the readings for 2016 has been released. check for comparision with 2015

Here’s the link. I printed this out:

They are on the CFAI web page, go to CFA program, then to “Study Sessions, LOS, and Errata” and click on each session pdf you want to see. I have checked them and the changes are true. That extra chapter added for quants surprised me…

Compensating with ABS removal ? i think it’s a good deal… wink

I’m surprised they are replacing readings 54 and 55 from PM as those were brand new readings two years ago

I’m a Level 2 noob (just passed Level 1) but am a little bummed out ABS is removed (one of the products I cover at work is MBS, so was looking to get some free points…damn you CFA). Oh well.

New quant chapter looks interesting! (Of course, it’s added now that I’ve passed…)

Yeah, it is interesting, FRM curriculum covers a topic like that If I remember well. I didn’t enroll for L2 this June15 so need to go back to quants again for that little bitch. I had many time constraints and didn’t want to go to an exam bad prepared. Personally, I have no problem waiting a year for L2, but will go straight to L3 with no time lose I swear! Maybe I will catch you up on L3 in June17.

Congratulations for L2 pass!

If you say it is a good deal, I believe you man! However ABS chapter sounds important for me. Well, CFAI rules over this, nothing we can do.

Bobby!!! Hope you are going to try again! Don’t quit man! 3rd times a charm! =)

I’m sure you’ll make it through just fine! However, the earliest I can (maybe) see myself taking L3 is June '18 (possibly later), unless something changes dramatically. You’ll probably wrap up before I get there! Thanks again!

We will clear it this time…Your result was surprising for me…

PS: I am a 2nd timer…

Thanks guys appreciate the encouragement. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to write again or call it quits, one part of me hates quitting and doesn’t want to be defeated, the other part of me says I’m wasting so much time on CFA when I don’t really need it and who knows how many attempts level 3 will be (although I do have a friend that took 4 times writing level 2 and passed level 3 on the first try). I’m going to enjoy the rest of my summer and make a decision in September once I’ve had time to let things settle in


i am in a similar situation. Failed band 10 this year, band 6 last year. I will probably sit one more tIme.

There are a lot of ‘invisible’ benefits to going through the cfa program. I have learned a tremendous amount about investments and finance which has helped me manage my money. Additionally, I’ve honed my analysis and problem solving skills which is helping me in my job as a finance/business management executive for an information technology company.

at this point in my career, the three letters after my name probably won’t enhance my career, however, the hidden benefits already have.

Lastly, I’m going to drive on so I can say I passed the third hardest exam in the world (according to results of Google search).

hang in there.

Thanks Tick!.

Wow 2018 or further, it sounds like you going for a MBA right now or am I mistaken? lol. I have a friend who pursue L2 and quit, then go for MBA and work. Maybe he looks the charter like a very specific tittle that wants to avoid. By my side, I pursue charter and MBA, and maybe FRM.

Never Quit, I hear you loud and clear, I feel the same way. That is the most frustrating thing is that you know you’ve learned so much yet you are still failing the exam because the CFA is not testing you on the major topics they are testing you on obscure things to make it extremely difficult. I would rather they test the biggest topics with straight forward questions and just make the MPS 80% because then we would probably pass.

The ABS reading in Level 1 and Level 2 was new in 2015 and was exactly the same reading. CFAI tested it at both levels as a transition to moving the ABS material out of Level 2 and into Level 1. Before 2015, there were 3 MBS/ABS readings at Level 2. They essentially condensed that material to one reading and moved it to Level 1.